Cindy Bass, Sampler
Wheat Ridge, Colorado 
16” x 40”

Wool warp, med. wt. Churro weft (plus a few 100% wool similar weight and ply orphans)

Woven on a rigid heddle loom 

"I started with a plan but as I received more yarn from Churro Club I just had to see what it looked like. Kind of like a kid with a new box of crayons." -Cindy

Kathryn Beckwith, Amber Wave of Grain
Sand Springs, Oklahoma 
12” x 15”

Churro from TCC: March - Gold Over Gray, May - Terra Naranga, June - Rain; other Churro: Coffee, Dusty Sky, Indigo Storm, Maize, Sage, Juniper, White; 2 ply wool warp.


"After many, many years of traveling from Oklahoma to New Mexico, I finally discovered beauty in the flat but somewhat agricultural landscape. This represents Oklahoma Panhandle in the Spring. Wheat, Soy Beans and Gophers!" -Kathy